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The answer cannot just be that, “life doesn’t guarantee anything.” We need to do better.

“You’re not entitled to a job,” doesn’t make sense because if this is true, then why do we give employers tax breaks, bailouts, loans, and subsidies? We all put into this nation to keep it going. We should all get something out of it. No income group deserves the benefits of this country more than another.

What if I told you corporations benefit more from giving stuff away at a big discount than they do selling stuff at the adjusted price? Let’s take Sony for example. They recently sold their PlayStation 5’s for an average price of $450. The actual retail price should have been at least $1,250. You’re getting a next-gen gaming console with incredible graphics and performance for the price of a cheap, Dell laptop and a lot of people don’t think twice about it. The manufacturing cost of the PlayStation 5 is basically what Sony sold it for. That doesn’t include what they…

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Over the years, I’ve found links between quantum physics and the way brains behave. Since the laws of nature apply to tangibles, I started turning to the same laws to explain more philosophical concepts and the inner-workings of conscience.

I lucked up into a rare and lucrative job opportunity at T-Mobile to be a vendor at national retailers. The position required I frequented Walmart, Target, and Costco stores within a two-hour radius of my home. It also required I drove two hours from Milwaukee to Chicago to attend the two-day orientation. When I arrived, we received a brief tour of…

Where is she going with this?…

Okay, I get so tired of people coming down on women who are past the age of 30 and single. Being single does not

How I Learned to Prioritize My Cares

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What if people had status bars that floated perfectly on top of their heads indicating how many heartbeats they had left? What if with every argument, you consumed twice as many heartbeats as you did during a normal conversation? What if when you’re stressed you consumed thrice as many?

I asked myself, ‘Would that change what I care about?’

So after some thoughtful consideration… Here are some of the things I have learned to stop caring so much about, as well as what tools I employed to annihilate the trigger.

Who needs arguing?

When I find…

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I analyzed my signature the other day by piecing together information from various websites I found via Google. What it revealed was actually quite spot-on — if this were “2016 me”. I was no longer the person I was retaining in my penmanship. I was no longer someone who was so critical of themselves that they incidentally backstroked their own name. I am no longer the secluded individual shrouded in mystery that my signature said I was. In fact, I’m quite the opposite these days. I’ve even gained a few emotional intelligence skill points. …

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Are many of us in love with the idea of simply having goals to work towards more than the feeling of goal-completion itself?

Before I knew it, I found myself googling the phrase,

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This time last year was a very trying point of my life. My son went from doing great after his bone marrow transplant, to being badly disfigured from a suddenly-emerged auto-immune disease. While we can’t prove it was started by COVID-19, all signs pointed to it. He had the cough, then the sudden fever, and then a sudden co-infection of EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) which to my horror led to a full-body, permanent rash resulting in Chronic Graph vs Host Disease, a rare complication of bone marrow transplants and a significant loss of quality of life for the recipient.

Riddled with…

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If you take a quick glean at my GitHub repository, there are a few things you can gather from it:

  1. I stay busy,
  2. I have diversified myself with different tech stacks,
  3. I have a definite passion for coding,

and 4. I have a habit of starting a bunch of new projects, and as a result, my GitHub accounts (yes, I have a few) have turned into a graveyard that is only fitting to haunt me on this fine October morning.

I learned that I have an adoration for new repositories. It feels like opening a new book for the first…

Omie Walls

I have found out that I am actually quite comfortable with the uncomfortable..

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